Cynthia Y. Sonam

Cynthia Sonam is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Wellness Consultant based in the US southeast with 25+ yrs. experience and training in energy therapies and spiritual application for therapeutic/healing and change work. Her private practice is centered in utilizing the most effective systems for personal transformation and success.  

With a long history serving on corporate boards and successfully bringing wellness into work and professional settings, Cindy is uniquely qualified to bring the MLL program into corporate environments. Her background includes extensive experience in advisory roles and serving her community in multiple capacities on numerous committees and boards, including the Board of Trustees for Shorter College in Georgia. She is currently the managing director of Pureland, LLC, and serves as a Consultant for Insurance Administrative Solutions. Cindy is also the founder of The Sonam Foundation, LLC and Ahimsa LLC, which offer healing and wellness programs worldwide.

Cynthia is highly regarded as being a wise and intuitive listener, respected in her community and around the world for her unconventional approach to helping individuals and groups quickly come into alignment, and bring meaningful, lasting results that make a significant difference towards achieving goals. Her life’s work and ongoing commitment to facilitating wellness workshops and speaking engagements reflect her calling to share what works with her passion for helping others during their most challenging times and actualizing her vision of well-being for the world.  She is the mother to two incredible adult children, and enjoys painting, photography, and gardening.  Cindy is available anywhere you are, regularly traveling around the world to share MLL with your group or organization.