Marcela Jacova Giavris

Marcela is an energy therapies practitioner and facilitator of Mindfulness and Meditation classes as well as Wellness workshops. For over last 10 years she has been traveling internationally, offering her services, meeting, supporting and sharing with anybody who was ready for a real genuine change, deep transformation and willingness to find true happiness.

Her Motto is “It is the time to stop studying a sign post and start following the direction.” To bring a greater level of genuine transformation to people’s lives, Marcela utilizes probably the most complementary tools in a form of MLL workshops and energy therapies - Rising Star and Prema Birthing healing systems together with her 25 years experience in healing arts, studying various traditions, such as Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Teachings of Bhagavad Gita from Hinduism as well as other traditions under the guidance of a Mentor Derek O’Neill for last 15 years. Having been trained in western approach to wellness in a form of NLP together with the background in medical field as a registered nurse with the experience of working in ICU - Surgery Ward, uniqueness of Marcela’s experience comes from unifying Eastern and Western philosophies in order to realize the greatest purpose and potential of every being which is of course to find genuine happiness by knowing who we truly are - indestructible fields of energy/consciousness and Creators of our own destiny. That brought her to pursue the Path of her own Self-Mastery, well-being and healing while mapping the Journey through experiences. Her greatest service is to step out of the way and allow the Conscious Field of Unlimited Potential, Source of Universal Intelligence do the job and bring people back to their core Being which is the Source of their own healing, has the answers and Soul-utions to all their problems and bringing Magic and Happiness back into their lives. To enhance facilitation of the workshops, Marcela have been trained in Meditation and Mindfulness techniques which she practices on daily bases.

"I would like to share my story and hear yours. In pursuing to find wellbeing and happiness I met Derek O’Neill and so deeply I was moved by the level of compassion, wisdom and genuine Love he has for his fellow beings that I made conscious choice to study, experience and digest various traditions and share everything I have learned with anybody who would be interested but most importantly, I would like to point the direction you can follow to reach your highest goal in life and be happy.” Marcela

Marcela currently reside in Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre where she offers her services as well as travels to various countries in Europe and USA.