Suzanne Poeltler-Crane

Suzanne Crane is a healing arts Practitioner and Teacher dedicated to helping others find their own journey.  She lives by the quote "Love All Serve All" and currently is a highly regarded therapeutic massage and hypno-therapist at the Creacon Wellness Center in New Ross, Ireland.  Clients receive a  Spirit, Mind, Body personal alignment that remove energetic obstacles created within using the theory of quantum physics. She provides MLL Workshops offering Meditation and Mindfulness Teachings to see the importance of the awareness of the moment.  They provide a safe haven to look within to see the truth of who you are without judgement so that you can take responsibility to create change. Suzanne is willing to travel to your specific destination to provide you a workshop.

A passionate mother and grandmother Suzanne also has experience of starting her own successful Educational Toys and Retail business.  She has had the opportunity to travel the world discovering sacred sites and personal growth as a flight attendance with United Airlines for 30 years.